supermarketFast moving consumer goods are simply the essential items that one must have in order to live. Or at least live well.
The items are referred to fast moving due to the fact that they are the quickest items to leave the shelves at a supermarket, and usually have the lowest price due to that fact.

The essential items, or fast moving consumer goods, are classified in several different ways and are often categorized by the area in which people live, the demographics that constantly shop at the stores, and if they are perishable items or not.
However, these consumer goods are not strictly limited to what is bought in store, as fresh food products or non-perishables.
Fast moving consumer goods are also applied to items that are part of home delivery, pick up delivery, markets and stalls, items purchased at a chemist or pharmaceutical organization, specialized stores, and tobacco or smoking paraphernalia stores.

Fast moving consumer goods are items in which everyone needs to live. They are often of low cost and thus will not determine a large profit for whichever company produces and sells the items, however due to the large amount of turnover, they are deemed to produce enough profit to constantly produce and sell more.

These items are usually as follows: Fruit and vegetable, meats including; chicken, beef, and fish, some cereals, dairy products like milk and some yoghurt (often the ones most used for kids lunchboxes, or quick snacks), sugar and other drinking necessities like coffee and cocoa, pasta and various noodles, not to mention the non edible products like toiletries, shampoos and soaps which everyone needs in order to live a clean life.

wineOf course, those are just the simple basics; there are other products like spirits, beer and wine that are considered fast moving consumer goods due to the availability and the general want for such alcoholic products.

Stationary items like paper and pens are also considered under the fast moving consumer goods area, due to the fact that everyone is, or will be a student at some point in there life and will need exercise books and the likes of.

There are companies that are considered under the guidelines of fast moving consumer goods (from here on known as FMCG), for their ability to constantly produce the items that sell the quickest.

These are such companies like Nestle, Sara Lee, Procter and Gamble, Coca-Cola, Kleenex and Pepsi. The interesting thing to notice is that all these companies either provide confectionary or dairy items that are known not entirely as necessities, and also toiletry companies that provide body lotions and tissues.

Most fruit and vegetables are excluded from these well known FMCG companies, due to the fact that there are not only a few conglomerate companies that dominate the market of fruit and vegetable production. But rather millions of small companies that own their own crops and wish to produce farmers-markets type quality of fruit and vegetables that is enjoyed by many families for their freshness.